Timothy Silvestri, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

The rigor of science with the accessibility of a casual conversation.

I am a licensed Psychologist and has been providing high quality, client focused therapy for over two decades. I specialize in treating anxiety and depression for adolescents, young adults, and adults. Significant changes can often be achieved after only 1-4 sessions, though longer term therapy is certainly an option should it be warranted or requested. I also address substance related concerns. Lastly, many of my clients are elite athletes, musicians, writers, and artists with whom I work to integrate the most current research on performance, creativity, and motivation so as to achieve their professional goals.  

A unique aspect of my treatment paradigm is to assist clients to be better informed about the most current neuroscientific and psychological research so as provide an understanding of human functioning (i.e., the "whys" for why someone is experiencing what they're seeking to change). Doing so can move someone quickly to a state of well-being, happiness, and success in only a few sessions. All interventions are based on empirical research incorporated from neuroscience, behavioral economics, biology, psychology, and many other disciplines. As an Adjunct Professor in Lehigh University's Doctoral Program, I work hard at knowing a wide range of research. My therapy work synthesizes the most current research in an accessible and fun way within the therapy hour. 

I'm committed to providing the very best therapy that is both emotionally rewarding and personally engaging. My therapeutic style is a mix of empathy, humor, scientific research, listening, and personalized care. I take pride that my services are offered in a multiculturally competent manner that is respectful and affirming of all backgrounds.  

I accept Highmark Blue Shield as well as several other insurance panels.

Why might you consider my services?

n addition to creating effective strategies for change, I will help you to better understand the human physiology and psychology that underlies well-being, success, motivation, and change. I have helped many clients for whom previous attempts at therapy have been unsuccessful. Clients often report that the combination of empathic therapy with an overview of empirical research was at the heart of their success in therapy. Personal change is not only within your reach, but it can actually be fun.