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Timothy Silvestri, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

The rigor of science with the accessibility of a casual conversation.

I am a licensed Psychologist and have been providing high quality, client focused therapy for over two decades. I specialize in assisting top amateurs and elite athletes, musicians, writers, artists, and business professionals to achieve their core aspirations through the application of the CERT model.    

A unique aspect of the CERT framework is that it is grounded in neurophysiological research so as provide an understanding of human functioning (i.e., the "whys" for why someone is experiencing what they're seeking to change). All elements in the model are based on empirical research incorporated from neuroscience, behavioral economics, biology, psychology, and many other disciplines. As an Adjunct Professor in Lehigh University's Doctoral Program, I work hard at knowing a wide range of research. My work synthesizes the most current research in an accessible and fun manner. 

Why might you consider my services?